389852_10151084178487476_345551106_nWhy should you become a Member of the new WBTN @ 96.5 FM & AM 1370  ?.

That answer is simple !  WBTN is YOUR community Radio station  with you and your communities bests interests at heart !!!

WBTN is the Buzz of Bennington, the only station that keeps you informed of local events, government and up to the minute news if disaster strikes.

The NEW WBTN is the only local station dedicated to an all Rock and Roll format, covering all Genres of Rock. Classic Rock, Rock, Hard Rock and you guessed it, Some heavy Metal too !! We are working hard to get the new format programming completed and a slew of new and exciting, entertaining and informative shows with creative and professional, educated and  non opinionated hosts !!! We are working harder than ever to bring you all new and exciting content.

WBTN Community Radio depends on you to keep our programming Live & Local!

When you become a member of WBTN you help to support the only local, community radio in the area. To express our appreciation for your support, we will send you our Quarterly newsletter, keeping you up to date with the goings-on at the station. You will also have VIP access to any and all WBTN Members only events !  All members are automatically included on our email alert list, which is a quick way to learn of special events, and in our drawings held quarterly during our fund drives.


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